Great coffee, wine and spirits enjoyed alongside uncomplicated food and shared with friends. At Bloomsday Café, we believe in the simplicity of everyday pleasures. Cappuccino with a croissant. Wine to finish the workday. We like it best brewed slowly, prepared thoughtfully, and poured joyfully. We don’t do fussy. And because people have always loved a good drink in the company of good food, we do that too. Stay a while or just stop in. Here on the cobblestone shambles of Headhouse Square, Bloomsday Café is a modern meeting place for friends, neighbors, and those just passing through. We’re here morning, noon, and night.

We’ll meet you at the green door.



An interesting collection we’ve cobbled together from people and places we love, mostly from family-run farms and small businesses, just like us. Stock your wine fridge or grab a bottle for a picnic on a whim, a special occasion, or a surprise opportunity to celebrate.

Impassioned imbibers, join our monthly wine club.