Natural wine is our thing, but we love a little bit of everything: cocktails, beer, ciders, meads, and our own house made vermouth. We joyfully obsess over every selection so that yours is easy. There is no wrong choice — just another round.

We drink with gratitude, for the sake of shared enjoyment. Natural wine inspires us, and so do those who make it: growers who farm sustainably and producers who minimize chemical intervention and the use of additives. We see natural wine as uniting a spirit of healthy indulgence with respect for the earth and its people. It’s a movement and a subculture that exists to let everyone in. Like us.

Never fussy or fanatical, we don’t believe wine, beer, and liquor to be mutually exclusive. It’s one big party, this culture of production with its passion for potation, and we aim to respectfully represent our maker’s cultures and values.

We’re fortunate to be here together, enjoying these beverages made thoughtfully by kind people from unique places. We’re good spirits who drink good spirits.

These are our only rules to drink by.


 our beverage list



Discover which wines we seriously can’t stop drinking (we might have a problem) when you become a member of our monthly ‘Fancy Wine Club.’ Focused on natural wines that come from interesting places and cultures, these selections are unique representations of specific periods in time. Most importantly, we aim to remain mindful of the fact that they are made by people, small producers we respect, and we want to share with you.

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