I opened Bloomsday Cafe with the intention of sharing some good food and drink with my fellow Philadelphians. This is my dream job. And I'm grateful to be in my hometown doing what I love with all of you.

Previously, I tried a career in wine sales; I am NOT a good salesperson. Then I was the Director of Education for the Wine School of Philadelphia for about 5 years. And it turns out, I really love teaching and I think I did a pretty darn good job.

Fast forward to 2019 and I now have some exceptional talent on my team that helps to make the dream a reality. Bloomsday is our playground and you're all invited to be here and be endlessly curious with us. It's that very thing - endless curiosity - that drives me. I always say that my favorite wine is the one that I haven't tried yet. I really mean that. Every chance I get, I travel with my wife and kids to new places in order to try new things.

Now a bit about natural wines...
I feel strongly about natural wines. I remember a time when I was still actively teaching about wine and the term "natural wine" wasn't even a common term that was used. Even then, I still preferred wines that are of this ilk. They pay due respect to our natural environment, as well as the people that work the land and the history and identity of the places in which they originate.

You may sometimes hear arguments about what natural wine is or isn't. I don't like to argue about this, so I'll just say that I like to buy my wine like I like to buy my fresh produce: from a small, sustainable producer that doesn't harm the land, doesn't waste resources, doesn't add things that take away from the natural expression of the grapes and the land and doesn't add anything that might harm us.

Some people speak of "low intervention" but to me this can come off as disingenuous to the huge amount of hard work involved in creating a so-called natural wine. I think I might prefer to say “less resource-intensive.” Generally, I've found that small family businesses that produce wine have to be more transparent and open about their practices in order to be a player in the large and competitive industry that is fine wine. So, I seek to learn as much as I can about a producer and I can align myself with businesses not unlike my own small family business.

Spills often.